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Bernese Mountain Dog preciously befriends 4-week-old puppy

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A 4-week-old puppy named Gryffin takes on a huge Bernese Mountain Dog named Eiger! Gryffin is a Staffordshire Terrier/English Bulldog mix rescued from a very bad situation. Here he takes a break from nursing to play with his beloved foster brother Eiger. So cute!

Bernese mountain dog refuses to walk

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Funny video of little Oscar refusing to walk with his owner. The only way he`s walking is home.

Bernese Mountain dog Coco thinks she is a lap dog

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Baby Coco decided to clime into papa's lap. She thinks she is a lap dog and we don't seem to be able to convince her she is not.Coco is adorable! The others are too; the one carrying the shoe around is so funny! But you know what they say - the bigger the dog, the bigger the lap dog! I speak from experience :-) They are such wonderful dogs who just want to "be" with their people. I loved the guy who decided he needed a little more attention so he captured a shoe and held it hostage - such a...

Baby feeding milk bones to his Bernese mountain dog!

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As someone who's a "Berner fan", I can say that you will not find a more gentle, loving dog on the planet. Video is intended to show how sweet the big dog is with small child. Notice the dog is very careful not to bite the boy along with the biscuit? Dog doesn't jump up and take box either. This is probably not an everyday event - it could be very expensive. I love it! so very sweet!

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy vs Lemon. The Most Adorable Puppy!!!

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One of our all time favorites... Adorable Bernese puppy Nilah's reaction to a lemon! Isn't she is the cute? In fact we believe Bernese puppies are the most adorable... what do you think?